No Whay! is an expression you say when you stumble upon an idea that is profound, shocking, and yet a bit no sh*t Sherlock all in one.

We want to channel these No Whay! moments into something useful. Could these “not your average bear” insights help save the world?  Solve global warming?  Or cure world hunger?  Perhaps!

More likely, though, these subtle yet amazing insights will help make your life a little better in some meaningful way. That could mean solving some problem with a bit of ingenuity. Or it could mean just becoming a little more enlightened about the ways of the universe.  No, we’re not going to teach you Jedi Force powers, but we do have lots of insights on more mundane things like How To (just some examples):

  • kill pestilent ant colonies
  • predict the stock market
  • make delicious Top Ramen meals
  • beat your sports bookie
  • win at No Limit Holdem
  • survive the next zombie attack

Okay, we *might* share with you some Jedi mind tricks, but that’s as far we’ll go on the Jedi stuff.  So come hang out at the bar with us (there is no bar, that’s just a metaphor to keep you clicking around the place).

P.S. “We” keep saying “us” throughout this web site.  There is no “us”, it’s just me… one dude sitting in his PJ’s all day writing about stuff.

P.P.S. The real reason I created this site is because Sh*t My Dad Says was already taken.  I’m not worried about the competition, though, ’cause that 74-yr old dad can’t live forever.