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UPDATE AUG 6: News from Nitro-Pak & The Ready Store!

Despite sold out inventory everywhere, both Nitro-Pak and The Ready Store both have Mountain House in-stock!

The demand for popular freeze dried food #10 cans from Mountain House, AlpineAire, and Provident Pantry has been extremely high in the last 6-months. If you are accustomed to buying freeze dried food regularly from your favorite emergency preparedness supply store, you may have noticed lots of “out of stock” banners next to your favorite #10 cans.

You can always look at some Mountain House alternatives here.

If you insist on needing Mountain House (because the taste is amazing), you may be in for a lot of online searching. For example, my favorite preparedness super store and Mountain House’s largest distributor is Nitro-Pak, and they are currently 160-days back ordered on all Mountain House #10 cans and pouches.

If you are looking to buy Mountain House freeze dried food, here is what is currently in stock:

1. Buy Pouches by the Case

The Mountain House freeze dried food pouches usually cost $6-7 and we recommend it in our guide on buying freeze dried food as a way to test different flavors. Unfortunately, individual pouches are out-of-stock almost *everywhere*, but you can buy pouches by the case. A case is only 6 pouches and will cost $36 (about $1 savings per pouch). While you have to have 6 pouches of the same flavor, you can always stock up on popular favorites like Chili Mac w/beef, Chicken Teriyaki, or Sweet & Sour Pork.

2. Buy #10 Cans by the Case

Buy Mountain House #10 cans by the case which are in stock at EarthWave Living, my favorite all-purpose freeze dried food super store. A case contains six #10 cans and will cost between $150-300 depending on the flavor.

3. Buy Large Storage Units

Buy a Mountain House food storage unit which is a 1-year supply. These begin at about $1,600 which is a bit steeper than building your food storage incrementally, but they are available in units as Mountain House packages these separately from the individual #10 cans.

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