Chicken Invaders 2 – Review

Many of us have played some classic arcade games like Space Invaders, Asteroids, Galaga, Defender, and Missile Command that the current generation of gamers laugh at as “old fashioned” or “old school.”   But there are some classics that just never die but come back in yet more creative and fun ways.

Chicken Invaders 2

Chicken Invaders brought back the Galaga and Space Invaders genre in a fun, humorous, and more exciting way.  This game is great that my 5-year old kid has a blast with (pun intended), actually passing the first 20 levels with just 3 lives, and while as an adult I can enjoy the creativity and humor.

Plus, my kid was a bit shocked that McDonalds chicken nuggets comes from… chicken!

What better way to introduce my 5-year old kid to “where chicken comes from” then with a Chicken Invaders video game?

Yes, you can use a video game to teach some life lessons.  For example, my 5-year old knows all about driving and shifting and the dangers of going down a one-way street thanks to all these driving video games on the iPhone and Droid!

Now, the only problem I have with Chicken Invaders (the original release) is that it doesn’t run on my Windows Vista or Windows 7 (even in comparability mode) without crashing after a few minutes.

However, Chicken Invaders 2, which was released in 2005, is even more fun than the original and the graphics are more vivid and the power ups are more fun.  There are a total of 120 levels in Chicken Invaders 2 (plus a Xmas edition add-on if you are reading this near the holidays), but the best part of this game?


You can play two players on the same keyboard!

This may seem like no big deal, but it’s a great, fun way to engage younger kids in these semi-classic video games.  The simplest games are made more fun with multi-player mode!  (Pong or Snipes anybody?)

This is a great amount of entertainment for a $6.99 Amazon game download.

Two Player Mode

A Boss Level - Two Player Mode

Oh, and read this in case you wanted the cheat codes for Chicken Invaders 2.

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