Fun & Crazy Wedding Ideas

I was watching the movie The Romantics which has a plot involving a wedding, lots of guests who are close friends, and a beach. I can’t believe Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 16%/34% (first score is from movie critics, second from the audience – always use the second score).

It was one of those great books before it was a movie thing:

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During the wedding rehearsal scene, I thought of some fun & crazy wedding ideas:

1. Make All Guests Participants

I hate boring weddings. Yeah, yeah, it’s a time to celebrate, it’s not about the guests, but admit it – you’ve been to weddings begrudgingly. You’re happy for the bride & groom & family, but heh, if they went ahead and had a wedding while you were at Disneyland, there would be no disturbance in the Force.


Make all guests participants and not observers!

Think of fun ways to enlist participation. It could be a wedding procession, or some activity where all guests write some memory about the bride or groom and the best entries are read aloud (e.g. form small groups where each member shares a memory with the group, and the group votes on who will share to the entire wedding).

If your wedding is by the water, think about everyone writing a hopeful wish for the bride & groom on small slips of paper and placing each paper on small sail boats that float away (have someone collect them later if possible and present it as a gift).

Just remember, if your guests participate, their spirits are entwined with yours, not to mention they’ll have more fun.

2. Sing Kumbaya with a Fire Pit (or Campfire)

Before you say No Whay! on this one, let me ask if you’ve ever sang Kumbaya around a campfire in Scouts or summer camp?


Singing Kumbaya around a fire is a really, really, magical experience!

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, it’s really magical!

So for a wedding, you probably can’t all fit around a campfire, but you can still have a fire pit in the front with someone playing guitar (must have this) and leading the crowd in song.

If you look for Kumbaya songs on YouTube, ignore the the really high screechy versions (sorry Joan Baez). When you sing at summer camp it’s a soft hum 1-2 octaves lower than what you find on most videos (because us normal folk can’t sing that high).

Of the Kumbaya videos that hit the high notes, here’s one I like. It’s the extended version, the Farsi is only used in a few verses after 4:00 mark (and is quite beautiful):

(Listening to this right now, after having just taken 2 NyQuil… amazing!)

3. Have Each Family Make a Quilt and Don’t Use Chairs!

The quilts will be used to sit on during the ceremony on the grass or beach (no chairs needed). The wedding feels different when everyone is sitting on the ground.


Do you know why picnics feel so special? It’s not just the company you are with or that the activity is “different”. C’mon, how much different is a picnic from any other eatery with outside seating? The reason picnics feel so special is because you are close to the earth and nature’s aura envelops you.

(That sounds a bit too new age, but just try it, lie on the grass and watch the stars, now try it on any outdoor furniture —> not the same experience!)

After the wedding is over, the bride & groom keep the quilts and you can adorn their house with them. Lots of memories can be stored in those quilts!

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  • Definitely read the book first, or just read the book and skip the movie. If you like The same rich WASP characters from the “Philadelphia Story”, this is for you.

    They could’ve called the movie The Big Chill part II and it may have done better. In fact, 26 years later, is just about the right age. They had “Big Chill” extras in the wedding party, so this fact was obviously not lost on the producers.

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