Mountain House Freeze Dried #10 Cans


The inventory levels on Mountain House #10 cans are being replenished at your favorite emergency preparedness stores. Not all entrees are available, so you’ll definitely want to check a few different places.

We’ve also seen some adjustments in price as the surge in activity since the 8.9 Japan earthquake and Tsunami (and subsequent nuclear meltdown) caused the surge in food storage demand.

Online food storage is becoming more competitive and that gives you, the buyer, better prices and more selection.

IN NEW NEWS (related to Mountain House)… we have a new favorite online emergency preparedness store! The Ready Store not only has Mountain House in stock (along with many other food storage options), but they also have them at lower prices one of our other favorite freeze dried food providers – who always had the lowest price until now. In addition, you can get up to $40 in coupon codes for first time customers. Check out The Ready Store here!

Stay tuned… more reviews, taste tests, and photos coming!

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