Mountain House Freeze Dried Alternatives


Have you tried to buy Mountain House freeze dried food at your favorite online preparedness store lately?

Did you see something like this?

Order Page for Mountain House 10# Cans

Order Page for Mountain House #10 Cans


That’s Right — Mountain House #10 Cans Are Out of Stock Everywhere!

After recent world events in the Middle East, North Africa, and Japan, all combined with rising food inflation, the demand for freeze dried food for storage and security is at an all-time high.


Demand for Freeze Dried Food Right Now is More Than During Y2K!

As Mountain House freeze dried food is the most popular brand amongst survival preppers and backpackers, all of the large freeze dried food distributors are completely out of stuck and orders to the manufacturers are on back order. In fact, Nitro-Pak, Mountain House’s largest distributor, currently has a 160-day backorder for all Mountain House products (except for storage units as described here – how to buy Mountain House even though it is out of stock.


My favorite Mountain House alternative is AlpineAire — see #10 cans, pouches, and #2½ cans.  In a very close second place try Provident Pantry #10 cans and pouches.

But Have You Looked at Mountain House Alternatives?

There are alternatives to Mountain House freeze dried food that taste just as good. 10 years ago, Mountain House had the best taste of all the freeze dried food manufacturers, but today, freeze dried technology by the other manufactures have caught up and all the preppers and backpackers I have talked to agree they all taste equally good.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some differences. For example, I feel:

  • Mountain House has a slightly saltier taste with more flavor,
  • while AlpineAire has a slightly drier and stiffer taste (which makes wonderful pastas and cereals).
  • Provident Pantry has a more wholesome taste (some call it “plain”) but that also means it is more universal usable for creating other dishes. For example, the Provide Pantry beef and chicken can be used in just about anything whereas the Mountain House chickens I would only use in saltier menus like Mexican and some Asian dishes.

Summary of Mountain House Alternatives


  • Very similar to Mountain House with many #10 can options, including different meal types such as entrees, breakfasts and desserts.
  • Large variety of freeze dried food pouches.
  • Unique only to AlpineAire are #2½ cans which have a 15-year shelf life.
  • Many options for base foods such as meats, fruits, vegetables, starches, etc.

Provident Pantry

  • Excellent value on #10 cans when you compare serving cost and calories per dollar spent.
  • Provident Pantry MRE’s are available – the other #10 can manufacturers do not produce MRE’s
  • Focus is on base foods rather than full meals. Great if you plan on preparing food (if you only want a “heat & eat” option, look for full meals from AlpineAire or find some Mountain House in stock somewhere).
  • Lots of unique options such as Italian Meatballs and Mango Slices

If you’ve read all the way to this point and still insist on buying Mountain House, read this article which discusses 3 ways of buying out-of-stock Mountain House.

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