Nitro-Pak Super Black Friday Sales

I love this time of year for stocking up on emergency supplies and checking key items off my prep list!

I also like to rotate out my freeze dried food around Thanksgiving. One of our family traditions is to spend 2 days eating only freeze dried food BEFORE Thanksgiving. This not only rotates out some freeze dried food, is good “practice” because you don’t want to experience freeze dried food for the first time during an emergency, but perhaps more importantly, it really accentuates the message of Thanksgiving.

As you know, we love Nitro-Pak in general, so to add Black Friday deals on top of that is amazing! With winter approaching, the Ebola scare and all the rest of the geo-political tensions, preparing your family to survive for a short period of time is ever more prudent now than ever.

So, speech over! Here are some of our favorites:

Lots, lots more on sale. Go have a look and fill up your emergency supplies wish list!

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