On a “Dare,” Student Survives Jump off Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
First of all, I’d be asking how does a student climb a 4-foot railing and prepare to jump with fellow students cheering him on without one of the teachers or chaperones noticing? Maybe the school needs to think better about the adult-to-children ratio for field trips, especially when crossing potentially dangerous terrain like a bridge.

Secondly, NO WHAY! He survived. Dumb, stupid, and lucky all in one.

Thirdly, haven’t we learned from suicide attempts in the past from bridges, buildings, and other tall places that you need to put a very tall fence (like 8 feet) to make it difficult for people to attempt the suicide in the first place? Sure, a determined person will find a way to jump anyways, but at least raise the difficult level a bit. I’m sure that would’ve made something like a “student dare” much more difficult to achieve.

The story:

A field trip that included a walk along the Golden Gate Bridge ended with a student jumping off the bridge Thursday morning.

The unnamed student survived and was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where he was reportedly being treated for injuries. Windsor High School superintendent Bill McDermott said the boy did not suffer any life threatening injuries. The boy’s only complaint to paramedics on the scene was soreness and some bruising.

Witnesses said surfers came to his rescue and helped him to shore.

See full story at nbcbayarea.com.

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