The Ready Store 30% off Independence Day Sale / Nitro-Pak 32% off !

This is one of my the best times of year to be a prepper. Whether you are starting out fresh and new to build your bug-out and stay-in kits, or just need to add a few items to your survival stash, check out The Ready Store’s up-to 30% off site-side sale!

In many cases,  the Ready Store often has the lowest prices or otherwise very competitive, even compared to Nitro-Pak – which has “up to 32% off sale” not to be undone by The Ready Store.   I always check both when I am shopping for survival gear.  Sometimes one site has a sale while the other does not, so with some quick comparison shopping you can always find the best deals.

Here are some examples of checking both sites and also some of my favorites:

Mountain House #10 freeze dried food – Sweet Corn:

Mountain House #10 freeze dried food – Mexican Chicken & Rice:

Water Storage Containers:

  • This 16-gallon stackable storage container isn’t just for water but also any food such as dry dog food (or cat food, of course).
  • A 7-gallon Reliance water container is the perfect size. I like the larger units like the 16-gallon one but there may be cases where you need to quickly load the car with some water and lifting these 7-gallon containers are much easier.

Remember, a gallon of water weighs 8.36-lbs so 7-gallons is 59-lbs (27-kg) already!  A 16-gallon water container will weigh 134-lbs (61-kg). I don’t mind having to fill up more smaller 7-gallon containers but having the versatility.  Also, check your local Walmart as they usually have these 7-gallon Reliance water containers, too. I have half a garage full of them every time they are at the Walmart the price is less than online (you pay sales tax but don’t have to pay shipping for large awkward sized packages).

If you do buy water containers online, see if you qualify for free shipping.

Lots of other items on sale, so go take a look at take advantage of the July 4th sales!

Free Mountain House Freeze Dried Food!

Nitro-Pak is celebrating their best year ever in 2011 with free Mountain House freeze dried food giveaway!

Yes, we love Nitro-Pak and have linked to them often here. Of all the freeze dried food (and general survival preparedness) stores we have purchased from personally or linked to as affiliates, Nitro-Pak is hands-down our #1 favorite. Yes, they have the best selection, yes they have the best prices, but the real reasons we love them are that 1) they’ve never gotten an order wrong, and 2) when we’ve had to call for a question they treated us like family.


Now, back to the deal on Mountain House food… If you:

Buy $100 worth of any Mountain House #10 can food and get your choice of a FREE can or Mountain House Regular or Cinnamon Apple Dices! (reg. $22.99)

–or choose instead —

Buy $200 worth of any Mountain House #10 can food and get your choice of a FREE can of Mountain House BBQ Beef or Oriental Spicy Chicken! (reg. to $38.95)

–or choose instead ­–

Buy $300 worth of any Mountain House #10 can food and get a FREE can of Mountain House Premium Pork Chops! (reg. $54.95)

You can also buy more and you’ll get multiples of the above choices. PLUS, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on your SALE order (significant if you buy cases of the stuff like we do).

There are no limits so you can stock up now. Perfect time to add to your incremental food storage plan.

Finally, if you buy one of Nitro-Pak’s top selling ULTIMATE-PAK food reserves, they will add more free freeze dried food! You’ll get 3 cans of Pork Chops, 3 cans of BBQ Beef, 3 cans of Oriental Chicken, and 3 cans of Apple Dices and 3 cans of Cinnamon Apple Dices…ALL FREE!

Stock up, folks!

Merry Christmas – River by Cindy Alexander

We are enjoying the last hour of Christmas 2011, and wanted to wish you all a melancholy Christmas. Not only am I thankful for what I have, but am also mindful of the past and what’s in store for the future.

This version of Joni Mitchell’s “River” from Cindy Alexander (winner of NBC’s Star Tomorrow) emphasizes that every turning point in our lives is a decision not to be made lightly. There is no CTRL-Z “undo” button in real life, and that not every wrong can ever be made right.

The best way we can prepare for our future is to “be prepared” which is why we focus so much on survival preparation such as freeze dried food storage and other essentials.

But enough of that for a day, I invite you to enjoy River by Cindy Alexander:

Sale on Nitro-Pak 72-hr Mountain House Meal Kit

Nitro-Pak has a sale on a 72-hour Mountain House meal kit. They are offering 200 72-hour freeze dried food units at 30% off!

Any time freeze dried food from a reliable distributor is offered on sale, it’s always a good investment to stock up! Food pouches have a 7-year shelf life and so you don’t need to buy all your long-term food storage at once, but can buy a little here and there as you find good deals.

What’s included?

Dinner Entrées Included:

  • 1 Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice
  • 1 Pasta Primavera
  • 1 Beef Stroganoff
  • 1 Chicken Teriyaki with Rice
  • 1 Chili Mac with Beef
  • 1 Rice & Chicken

Dinner Vegetable Dishes:

  • 1 Sweet Garden Peas
  • 1 Super Sweet Corn
  • 1 Cut Green Beans

Delicious Breakfast Entrées:

  • 1 Scrambled Eggs with Bacon<
  • 1 Blueberry Granola with Milk
  • 1 Scrambled Eggs with Ham & Bell Peppers

Cost Per Serving

At $36.99, you are paying $4.11 per serving. I am counting 9 servings: 6 dinners and 3 breakfasts. The breakfast entrees cost a little less if buying separately than dinner entrees, but you get 3 vegetables pouches so we can say the equivalent of 9 entrees. For example, the Sweet & Source Pork with Rice entree is usually $7.13 (and Nitro-Pak has the best prices on Mountain House freeze dried food pouches already).

You can also get free shipping from Nitro-Pak if you spend $100. If you don’t have to pay tax or shipping, and you are getting freeze dried food at a great price.