Black Friday sale at ilovefabric

For all those custom quilting and sewing projects, is having a 30% off Black Friday sale on quilting and sewing fabrics!

A pretty amazing sale as far as designer quilting cottons go. In fact, ilovefabric’s Kona Cotton solids were already a pretty good deal before the sale. Time to load up the fabric stash! 20% Back-to-School sale

I love it when the kids go back to school, not only for the half-day of peace, but for all of the sales on everything from school supplies to clothing. One of my favorite types of sales is from online modern fabric stores like ilovefabric!

And to make things even better, the fabric store provided a 20% sitewide discount for all in-stock items (excluding patterns) to their fabric newsletter. Use discount code BTS20 (“Back to School 20% off”).

My personal favorite fabric collections at the shop:

More to come when we see more great deals on fabric.

Nitro-Pak Super Black Friday Sales

I love this time of year for stocking up on emergency supplies and checking key items off my prep list!

I also like to rotate out my freeze dried food around Thanksgiving. One of our family traditions is to spend 2 days eating only freeze dried food BEFORE Thanksgiving. This not only rotates out some freeze dried food, is good “practice” because you don’t want to experience freeze dried food for the first time during an emergency, but perhaps more importantly, it really accentuates the message of Thanksgiving.

As you know, we love Nitro-Pak in general, so to add Black Friday deals on top of that is amazing! With winter approaching, the Ebola scare and all the rest of the geo-political tensions, preparing your family to survive for a short period of time is ever more prudent now than ever.

So, speech over! Here are some of our favorites:

Lots, lots more on sale. Go have a look and fill up your emergency supplies wish list!

Petco Coupon Code

Coupon codes for online pet stores like Petco are hard to find because online retailers are running fewer of them due to the coupon aggregation sites and smart consumers always using Google to search for Petco Coupon Code.

However, online retailers do often provide special links such as this Petco Coupon – $7 off $70.

All you have to do is click on the link (new window will open) and your $7 discount will be applied at checkout. No coupon codes needed – just follow the link above.

What I love about Petco is it always has competitive prices (including free shipping) vs. the other pet stores and, but in addition to that you can use this coupon and accumulate Pet Pals rewards. I like to wait for one of their 30% or 40% site-wide sales in addition to using the link above for another $7.

For those that want to buy a lot of pet products, with free shipping, you can submit multiple orders if you can get to be just about $70, you’ll take advantage of this discount multiple times. Who needs a Petco Coupon Code? We have discount links!